Summer 2011 Update

Thank you for visiting the San Juan, PR Alternative Spring Breaks trip blog! This blog is inactive for the time being. It will be active once again in November 2011, when the new Coordinators for this trip are hired. Feel free to browse the information on this blog to get an idea of what the trip has done in the past. If you have questions about this trip, contact the Boston University ASB Program Managers, Leif Hede-Brierley and Suchie Ravindran, at


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It’s Jo’s Birthday!

or as they say in Puerto Rico ……


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Just Dance for ASB!

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On this Week’s Episode of ASB Puerto Rico!

Buenas Tardes! (Good Afternoon)

We hope you had a WONDERFUL and relaxing break and that classes aren’t kicking your butt too much! While Joanna was in sunny Puerto Rico, Boe was is FREEZING Connecticut. Both of us are excited to be back though. In our last video we mentioned that we got a lot of love pouring from BU Alum who gave us tons of donations for our trip! In addition last week we had a coordinator retreat where we got more details about ASB. If you haven’t heard, the cost for our trip (and all other flying trips) will be $675.

Woah! Is that too much? NO TE PREOCUPES! (Don’t worry!) When you register on January 31st at 8am you will have the option to apply for a scholarship! All it is, is a scholarship letter and ASB will base it on the amount of Financial Aid you receive from the university. Still too expensive? RELAJATE! (Relax!) ASB is super awesome and will be offering payment plans! You will set it up at the CSC and yoywill have until the last day of class to pay off your trip.

So now that you know that it will be crazy affordable, all we can say is BUENA SUERTE with registration. (Good Luck)


Come meet us and ask away!

Come to the ASB Info Session this week Tuesday, Jan. 26th (7-9pm) at the GSU Terrace Lounge.

If you can’t make it, email us with any questions at!

Mucho Amor,

Boe & Jo

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Here is a little video from us!!

By the waaay… Boe= Estefania, Jo= Joanna….


P.S. The song “Feliz Navidad”  is by Jose Feliciano a Puerto Rican Native!!

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A little bit of Puerto Rican culture…


One of the most famous and amazing things about Puerto Rican culture is the food. Here is a video from Estefanía’s favorite show “Bizarre Food with Andrew Zimmern” that actually visited Puerto Rico.  The food shown here looks straight out of “Fear Factor” , but that’s how they do it in Puerto Rico. They fry EVERYTHING!! Mmmm delish!! Other great Puerto Rican foods are: Tres Leches ( Joanna’s Favorite),  Arroz con Gandules and Pernil.

Tres Leches

Arroz Con Gandules


We hope you guys have a great last week of classes!  Good luck with finals!

Please come to the ASB Fundraiser at Kenmore Square Uno’s Chicago Grill this Saturday December 12. Here is the link to the Facebook event so you can print out the flyer:

Mucho amor,

Estefanía y Joanna

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Remember: It’s World AIDS Day, December 1st


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break and ate lots and lots! Estefania went back home to Hartford, CT and Joana to sunny San Juan, PR! We were both soooo happy to see our family and get some much-needed rest!

Fun Fact: Joana’s favorite Thanksgiving dish is warm apple pie and Estefania’s is her uncle’s corn bread stuffing! But enough about food and more about our trip!

We are in the midst of talking to Anyelina Cespedes at Iniciativa Comunitaria again, in hopes of finding more details to what we will be doing. However, we can still try to inform you about the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Puerto Rico. As you may know, our issue area for ASB is HIV/AIDS and we will be working with Iniciativa Comunitaria to help those affected by the disease. In the spirit of World Aids Week at BU, we hope to raise awarness as much as possible.

There is an astonishing number or people living with HIV/AIDS in Puerto Rico considering its size. Below are some numbers from 2002, but give a visual of how critical the situation is.

A major contributer to the spread of HIV/AIDS is the rising numbers of drug abuse in San Juan. Below is an awesome but very graphic video that shows the dark world of drug addiction. It was made by a volunteer at the organization with powerful photographs and is narrated by a struggling drug addict.  The next video is of some of the work our organization has done with women in the community.

We hope you enjoy the videos and that you have learned just a little more about this issue. Be sure to check out our bios too. HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

Mucho ASB Amor,

Joanna & Estefania

**If you want to learn more about Iniciativa Comunitaria, check out there website:

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